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[Elsword RPs]Secret of Nightmares 1- fan fiction - by ClairSH [Elsword RPs]Secret of Nightmares 1- fan fiction - by ClairSH

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Now we have an extra story for Cross:D don't think I post it when the Christmas is coming>_<

In fact, I intend to write it as a series of short stories called Secret of Nightmares yeah, what he still felt and saw every night, each one tells about an event in Cross's life and important people to him before he join the El Search Party, from when he was a child until the last event of his sealing in Henir's Time and Space.:work:

A little problem is, every of them may not be put in an organizing timeline, which means some may happened before and some is for later. And since they are just short stories, meaning side stories, I just focus on the climaxes and main points I don't intend to write as a novel due to my laziness Lol
So, to avoid the confusion, I will have some explanation about the setting and the story itself^^ and if you are still confused, feel free to ask me

Oh, and I forgot.
Before we start with this chapter, I have a little warning about the content and the way I wrote. Yeah, *ahem*, most of them are quite violent and barbarous, and even they have some sexual scene as well:censored: it's your fault Cross. Why do you live for too long???. That's why I will set warning for the mature content (and even "strict" if it needs). So, be careful, youngster *evil smile*


Ok, now time for the main work.

This is the first extra story in the project, which I started with multiple effects recently (both in real life and my imagining world). To be honest, I trembled a lot when writing these things since it's not an usual type of content I like to write but... yeah, I'm a sensitive girl, but somehow I like to know the feeling of everything that I can see and think. In fact, I cut a lot while writing, and tried to use words that can lessen the atmosphere. Yeah, this story, maybe as well as the others I will write, is so "adult-like" as I mentioned above.

That's why if you don't like the theme of blood, don't read my sincere advice

Now I think we should go for the explanation

This extra story is quite... short. In fact, it works like a prologue for everything, starts with current situation and links to the reminiscence of the "killer". As you see, I didn't mentioned any name in this, but I think it's not so hard to guess who is the protagonist and you may be stunned.

The main purpose for this is the explanation for his Marauder class

Yeah, the setting is in ancient time of Elios when the Eliste tribe still existed actually they are more like a tribe, which they had built their own kingdom but using magic to hide their location in the depth of their forests. They were powerful, and acted as the world watchers in secret. In fact, they joined many battles to maintain and protect the balance in Elios as their duty, as well as served for El Lady and El Stone, but most of the time they didn't like to communicate with the other races...

This story happened when the El Stone energy became weaken because of some dark force which the Elistors hadn't found the real reason yet. Due to it, the balance in Elios was messed up, and a lot of conflicts and fights happened around the world, even in the Elistor's kingdom as well. Some villains also used this as chance to act, and these stories of Cross are one of the factors but also the fiercest of all. Generally, it's a chaotic age.

At the time of the chaos, while the heads of the Eliste tried to find a way to solve the problem in Elios and restore El Stone, there were many incidents in their capital Aragard which a lot of nobles and important Elistors in the Imperial Council was assassinated. Though every Elistor was trained to become excel in combat, they still couldn't fight against this assassin. Some of them was killed because of his tricks, some battled with him but were still defeated. At the end of the fights after he escaped, the others found some black feathers on the corpses of the victims. He always acted alone, and just murdered some certain people he never killed the others if they were not his real targets. No one saw his face or how he was like, that's why his identity was a real question mark which caused a large panic in the capital. Many people wanted to chase him for his head since the price was a real deal for them, but no one had succeeded. He was named as Executor or Black Terror, or many names that people could think of for this fearsome man. The top-notches of the Council rose a question about his action: did he act on his own or there was anyone behind him. However, they doubted that he was followed the order of someone, a traitor, and the possibility this one was, or used to be an important Elistor in the Palace, since the assassin just aimed and acted when there were some political decisions, to prevent the plan that the Council had made...

But why did the assassin work for that traitor if the suspect was real? In Eliste's history, there was no one to be an assassin. Not because they couldn't be, but there was a rule for the Elistors. According to the legend, The Eliste tribe existed for protecting, not for killing though in some cases, the two were the same. Their loyalty and sense of justice were the first virtue for them, and they had sworn not to harm each other, especially in the tribe. If they betrayed and tipped the scale of balance like taking blood from their own people with wrong reason, they would be punished heavily later by "Gods" until they really wanted to redeem for their sins. Though it was just a myth and an old rumor, no one in the Eliste dared to be against it. That's why these assassinating cases were the first ones in their record...


Yeah, that is for the setting of the story. Not a good content for children huh. Anyway, that the story is about, really heavy atmosphere.

And such a long description.

Btw, enjoy if you can.:meow:

Story and preview art (C) me
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Nikkee-Chan Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
The story is long I'm on page 1 :3 and you too good at writing q.q I'm so amaze by your writing, that I suck chiz.
ClairSH Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Actually it's the shortest story that I've written until now (the others are always 10 pages or more:D)

Well, take your time and enjoy. I'm glad that you like it:D

Hoh, the page 1-3? Well, it's just some normal parts. The best of this I think is from page 5 and the last part. It's really a surprising part for those who never knew Cross before. But since I hinted quite much in the description, it's not so stunned anyway my fault:D.
DawnHikariGal Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there any couples like Raven Rena?
ClairSH Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Yes, and no.

Yes: he has a lover (not the one mentioned in this story) whom he met during the days he was a cold-blood assassin. She later had effect on him and helped him to break his "curse" and choose another path (though it cost him quite much).

No: It's not like Raven and Rena. As you know, Raven felt in love with Rena but Rena had no reaction (the rest is for the fans^^;)

While here is the spoil.
Cross and his lover, Leica, were actually enemies. Before Cross was the king, he and Leica developed their relationship from friends to partners to lovers, and they had great time. But when Cross was elevated, he later found out Leica was the new second-in-command of the the demon force, which was his tribe's enemies, so they fought each other fiercely (though both of them were hesitate when facing each other). The last was their resolve, but the cruel fates were waiting for them, which led to the "doom" for both (actually Cross was the survivor but his life was no different than death).
DawnHikariGal Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok Thnx!
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